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Apple Repairs Tallaght

The Apple Mac Repair Specialists in Dublin

For all Apple Repairs Tallaght visit us in store. We Repair & Service all Apple products in Dublin County i.e iPhone repair, iPod repair, iPad repair, iMac repair, Macbook repair, Macbook Pro repair, Macbook Air repair, Mac Intel repair, Mac Mini repair. We resolve computer problems associated with hard disks, Broken screen, or Power failure quickly and effectively. We also carry out service and Logic board repairs, Hinges, CPU, Macbook Screens repair, Keyboard repair, Memory replacement or upgrade and Optical drives repair or replacement. We also perform software installations, Upgrading and data recovery at an affordable cost. We perform all Apple repairs locally in our Tallaght store.

If you have been told that your machine needs new logic Board or your Apple machine is beyond repair

Don’t forget try us ….. ” We do most logic board repair’‘

Apple Repairs Tallaght
apple mac repairs tallaght

Issues we have successfully repaired.

  • No Power at all
  • Graphics problem or lines on screen
  • Intermittent Loss Of Wireless
  • Video Goes In And Out
  • Touchpad Slows and Freezes
  • Powering On and Having No Video
  • Power Strip Lights Up
  • Unknown Beeps
  • Shuts Down

The services we provide:

  • OSX, Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Tiger, Mavericks, Yosemite installation
  • Install XP, Windows 7 on mac using boot camp or Parallels
  • Replace hard disk or Ram in Apple computer
  • Backup Microsoft Entourage
  • Mac startup problem
  • Mac keyboard is freezing or slow
  • Mac/MacBook freezes or overheating Problems
  • Reformat Mac, iMac, Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook pro, iBook, MacBook Air etc.
  • Water or liquid spilled
  • Mac data transfer, Backup & Recovery
  • Password reset/help for mac desktop or laptop
  • Troubleshooting wireless connectivity problems
  • Macbook Pro/Macbook,Macbook Air screen repair, iMac repair / Replacement
  • Printer Configuration/connection
  • DVD stucked in mac drive or drive replacement
  • Power connector broken.
  • Mac/MacBook freezes or overheating Problems
apple mac software repairs